We provide free music instrumental downloads for non profit uses for artists and video creators
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2 guys providing free instrumentals to artists!

We provide free instrumentals to artists for non-profit uses, we would also like to work with artists on custom projects. If you are a content creator you have come to the right place, feel free to use our music in your youtube videos!

Producers & artists

Ian E

Producer & Vocalist.      Ian originally created 1337 Beatz in 2006 before Rob joined forces to cofound 1337 Records in late 2012 early 2013. Ian has been a rapper & singer since 2004 and continues to make music!
Has an album on itunes/amazon called ‘Negative to Positive’

Rob Easthope

Producer & Guitarist     Rob co-founded 1337 Records with Ian, bringing his guitar skills and having a general interest in music learning to produce has been an interest. Rob plays many types of guitar.
Pro skills on guitar!



Rob & Ian – Freedom! One of the first decent beats we made..

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5 years old zombie film scene type backing track

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Funky Bass Guitar Backing Track Free Download

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